ASPRS Foundation

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bullet The ASPRS Foundation currently funds the following Awards and Scholarships given annually by ASPRS:

bullet The Foundation is the depository for annual corporate contributions for the following Awards and Scholarships:

bullet The Foundation is the trustee for contributions to the following ISPRS Award:

bullet The Foundation is also the depository for contributions for the following ASPRS Project:

bulletThe Foundation was also the depository for contributions which provided the initial seed funding grant for the following project::

bulletThe Foundation Board of Trustees continuously analyzes the total funding level required to fully endow the awards and scholarships at present levels. The current estimate is that approximately $1,000,000 will be required to reach that interim goal. The Foundation balance as of the end of 2010 was approximately $875,000.

ASPRS has set aside funds from the Society’s reserves to match
individual ASPRS member and Region contributions to the Foundation.